The Impact of Ascites

Americans suffering from ascites due to liver cirrhosis

The prognosis is not good, but what is worse is the feeling of helplessness because there is no adequate treatment available beyond the initial diuretic pills and draining by large bore needle.

The current standard of care has generally poor outcomes. Unfortunately, patients often have nothing hopeful to look forward to other than the possibility of a liver transplant.

Disease Target
100,000 Americans estimated
to be suffering from ascites
due to liver cirrhosis
 20,000 estimated patients
who do not respond to
ascites treatment
326,000 approximate
hospitalizations annually
for ascites

An Innovative Approach to Ascites

We are targeting the disease pathway of ascites. Taking a new look at the mechanistic source, we are engineering a solution that is a combination of existing technology and innovative application.

We are conducting clinical trials which, if successful, could yield a breakthrough treatment for this life-threatening condition.

Clinical Program

Working on a solution to such a devastating condition is what keeps us going everyday.

Chief Scientific Officer, BioVie Inc.

As a small company we are flexible and can rapidly advance BIV201 therapy towards commercialization

Chief Operating Officer, BioVie Inc.

Our Team

Our leadership team is made up of veteran executives who have both rich and deep experience in our industry, our science, and our operations. See our team.

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Pioneering the Treatment of Ascites

Bringing hope to patients suffering from ascites due to cirrhosis,

and to their physicians who need better treatment options.